How to Deal with the Boss and How to Deal with Being the Boss


Having been on both sides during my decades of experience in the interior design industry, I can tell you that a bad boss—or just a poorly managed company—can be completely demoralizing to an employee, whether it’s all at once or whether it occurs over months or even years of accumulative hassles. Several of the designers who contribute to this site have gone from apprentice to employee to owner (and one even went back to being an employee). It’s a common story and transition in the interior design world, in other words. And so, I wanted to share some insights and resources for how to deal with a bad boss and for dealing with being the boss.

Reliable Payroll and Accounting

Like employers in most industries, it can quickly sap the morale of your team if the payroll isn’t on time or isn’t accurate. Accounting services can be some combination of expensive or unreliable. Hire an accountant you can’t trust and it could end up costing your business tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. If an online payment account, like Ivy, isn’t enough to manage your financial accounts, Designer Advantage is a great option for general bookkeeping. Once you hire an employee or two, you’ll also be looking for cheap payroll software options like Advanced Micro Solutions.