Your dedicated back office team.

With DesignerAdvantage, you don’t just get one person, you’re set up with a robust team of 5+ detail-oriented interior design business experts who understand all aspects of the interior design business.

With over 100 in-house business experts ready to join your back-office team and decades of interior design industry experience, it’s time to join the solution that designers are calling “their firm’s most valuable asset.”

"Our designers are able to focus on the actual creative work knowing that DesignerAdvantage is handling the accounting details."

Jennifer Jones | Niche Interiors



Enjoy access to our team at all times in case of emergency.



Your team will have a minimum of 35 combined years of design industry business experience.



We are 100% devoted to servicing your firm with personal care, utmost professionalism and attention to even the smallest details.

Get back to creativity.Let us do the paperwork.

Running the books and back office for an interior design firm is the perfect storm, with “creatives” being forced to manage paperwork, and hating every minute of it.

We love the paperwork. We want to take over the painful parts of your business so you can get back to creating masterpieces for your clients. We handle your orders, books, and all the stuff that makes you want to pull your hair out, while you build the design firm of your dreams.

And the best part? Our team has spent the past 20 years investing in the best people, processes and software to solve all of your back office problems so you can thrive.


A love story to the creative.

Dear designer, we know that no one else really understands your business. But we do. We’re in the trenches with you, every day.

You’ll get 30+ years of industry experience

We’ll clean up your chaos

We give you peace of mind

Everything will be okay. We got this for you.


A whole team at your fingertips.

Imagine letting go of the back office stress, and gaining a whole team of people with different skillsets and industry knowledge. That’s what you get with DesignerAdvantage. Your team will include . . .

A dedicated project/purchasing manager

A dedicated bookkeeping account manager

Upper-level bookkeeping and purchasing operations managers

Executive team including VP and CEO guidance


Get the scoop on 20+ years of insider knowledge.

We’ve been around the block for over 20 years. With DesignerAdvantage, you’ll get industry knowledge from all corners of the world, and stay ahead of the competition. Want to know how much you can markup your goods in Miami versus San Francisco? We got you covered. How about the best practices for fee structures in New York City? Yep. We know that too.


And we’re always available for you.

Although we’re often hard at work behind the scenes, our team will continue to communicate any updates, issues, questions, or concerns any time you need. Some of our clients enjoy regular updates while others have us work behind the scenes and follow progress through DesignerLink. No matter what, we’re flexible to create the transparency and communication you and your team prefer.

Whether you need an update on an item, discover something is back-ordered, or need advice on a project, our team is ready to work with you to find the best solution.

Backorders and other issues

Proactively solving procurement issues for you

Keep you posted on alerts and problems

Join the fastest growing design software company.

At DesignerAdvantage, we strive to help our employees become leaders, develop business skills and get out of their comfort zones to help clients from around the world grow their companies.