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DesignerAdvantage is the interior design industry’s leading procurement platform, providing full-service back-office solutions to interior designers for nearly 25 years.

"I highly recommend DesignerAdvantage to all my design friends!"

- Donna Mondi | Donna Mondi Interior Design


What Services Do You Need?

At DesignerAdvantage, we offer 3 levels of service, depending on your firm’s needs. Whether you’re simply looking for a comprehensive software to make your back office run smoothly, or you want a team of experts to help you with bookkeeping, or you need a full service

DIY: DesignerLink

State of the art project management software.

Take advantage of our amazing state-of-the-art software created by our team led by people with decades of interior design experience. Get access to everything you need for each project, with clarity and control over your orders, items, projects, and proposals. DesignerLink binds the efficiency of our team and the complexity of the entire process together in one easy platform.

Integration with Quickbooks

Seamless integration with Quickbooks Online

One-click proposal and PO generation

Proposal and PO generation with photos easily sent to clients

Track & Invoice Time

Track & invoice time efficiently and accurately in one place


BASIC: DA Bookkeeping

Comprehensive bookkeeping services.

We take care of your books, providing you with a specialized account manager who works behind the scenes to handle your POs, invoicing, reconciliations, and reporting. We even ensure that all product and shipping price increases are properly billed to your clients.

Banks and Credit Card Reconciliations

We keep your books current with all reconciliations

Full Client Invoicing

Including design fees, reimbursables, and product balance dues

Sales Tax Filings

Sales tax filings and year-end closing of the books


Start to finish order management.

Spend your time working with your clients while we cover all your back office needs! You’ll get a project manager to send orders to vendors, answer questions, solve problems, manage delays and track shipping.

Dedicated Team Manager

We’re an extension of your team

Same day order placement

After receipt of approved PO

Orders placed through your trade accounts

Using your payment methods

Management of all issues

Damage claims, returns, etc.

DA Interior Design Business Expert Team

The Interior Design Business Experts

DesignerAdvantage is the leading full-service procurement solution for the interior design industry.

Save 40% on back-office costs per year. Guaranteed.


Trusted by hundreds of interior designers.

Order Management & PO Status Reports

We offer start to finish order management and detailed PO status reports.

Project Management Software

Enjoy state of the art project management software for every part of your project.

Complete Bookkeeping Services

We take care of your client invoicing, sales tax filings, credit card reconciliations and more.

Access to Business Best Practices

Enjoy 20+ years of industry data and access to our executive team.



Successfully managed over $1B in purchasing



Average time saved per customer per job is 25%



Average increase in profitability is 50%


We're your new back office team.

From day-to-day bookkeeping and order management to high-level business best practices, DesignerAdvantage offers a full support team to manage all of your business needs. 


Our software does everything you need.

DesignerLink allows designers to stay organized and efficient with a one-time data entry process.

Easily create estimates and purchase orders with one click

Seamless integration with Quickbooks Online

Run real-time financial and project management reports


Bookkeeping services.

Keep your books accurate and up-to-date with our industry leading bookkeeping support.

Financial Reporting and Business Best Practice Support

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations

Client Billing


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Perfect for the small Interior Design business that needs back-office help to stay organized with their books.

Full Access to our Software for… – Project Management
– Orders & Invoicing
– Proposal Creation
– Items & Inventory
– Time Billing
Ask Shamy for expert advice
Quickbooks Integration

Perfect for Interior Designers looking to work with a team to handle POs, Invoicing, bookkeeping, orders, vendors, etc.

Everything from DesignerLink
– Bank & CC Reconciliation
– Full Client Invoicing
– Sales Tax Filings
– More
– More

Perfect for the growing Interior Design firm ready to …. Procurement, etc etc. Start to finish order management

Full Access to DA Bookkeeping
– All back-office work covered
– Dedicated team manager
– PM for all order needs
– Same-day order placement
– Order via your trade accounts
– Manage all issues (delays, returns, etc)